Are you ready?

Down to Hell

Are you ready to go DOWN TO HELL?

Down to Hell is a computer game where the most important thing is a tactical approach to combat. The player will take control of a nameless knight who is a skilled warrior, and who needs to save a mysterious girl from the hands of bloodthirsty demons. On five breathtaking levels, the player will have to fight over thirty different kinds of enemies. Each and every one of them will have a couple of different attacks, which will require a different reaction from the player. On every level, the player will have to defeat three colossal demons. They will check not only the combat skills of the player but also his or her perception and ability to make quick decisions in critical situations.




Tactical combat, observation of demons and searching for a gap between their attacks will be the key to defeating these enemies.


The protagonist, at the very beginning of the game, gains control of the ability to fight using different kinds of spells.


During the game, the player will have to fight with many bosses. Every one of them will be more powerful and horrific than the last.


The player will be able to choose between swords, axes or hammers. Every type of weapon will have a unique special attack.


With every defeated enemy, the knight will gather more experience points. Every fallen enemy will make him more powerful.


Dark and creepy cave or hell, every level in the game will be completely different from the previous one, not only how it looks or its enemies but also by using different level mechanics.

The Story

Experience the dark story

The player will take control over a nameless knight who is an experienced warrior. We meet him at the moment when he is fighting a demons horde on the edge of the forest. After the fight, he is on the verge of dying but he is saved from death by the mysterious old man and a strange girl that has a very dark secret. During his journey, the main protagonist will discover more and more details about the girl past and her influence on a game world. The ending of the entire story will largely depend on the decisions the player makes during the game. Every even the smallest choice will affect the conclusion of the whole story. The results of the decisions made will not appear immediately, and once made the decision cannot be changed.


Melee weapons and spells

Quick learning of a combat system will be a crucial thing while playing Down to Hell. It will be important to observe enemies closely and use different tactics. Players will have to judge enemies by their kind and numbers. The game will require the player to take a different approach for a single enemy than when there will be more of them. During the game, the player will always have to watch out for their defense. The main hero will have the ability to block and avoid attacks by the demons and the key element of the fighting system will be finding the perfect balance between attack and defense.

Melee weapons


At the very beginning of the game, the main hero has only a two-handed sword, but while exploring the level, he will find other kinds of weapons. Also, after defeating bosses, the player will acquire a special weapon or spell as a reward. This choice will affect the game ending.


… or powerfull spells.

During the fights, the main hero in Down to Hell will be able to use spells that he previously found. Each spell will require not only having the right amount of mana but also remembering the combination of keys needed to cast the spell.